How to Use a Curling Iron?

There are so many people out there who has purchased curling iron, but they don’t know how to use it properly. So they kept the tool as it is at home and run to the salon every time to get the curly hair. Wrong use of the curling iron can also harmful your hair and for your skin. There are is higher chances of getting burned with a curling iron, if you don’t know the right position to hold the curling rod. Don’t worry, just get relaxed. In this article, we have shared steps to use a curling iron. So take out your curling wand and start learning beautiful ringlet at home.

Steps to Use a Curling Iron

1.) Know About Curling Iron

Before to get know how to use the curling iron, you should aware of so many varieties of curling iron available in the market. As these curling rods are differed according to the outcome of curls. If you want spiral curls you need to go for a tapered curling iron. Makes sure you purchase only ceramic or tourmaline made up of curling rod as they consider the best quality.

For smaller curls, select the wand that is 1’’ wide width or smaller. If you want big and bouncy curls, then purchase an iron wand wider than the 1’’.

how to use a curling iron

2.) Choose your Preheat Preference

Mostly curling rods have various functions to set the requires heat to make the curls. You can see many curling iron rods comes with a dial or switch to get the required heat. To use a curling iron, change the setting according to the heat required by your to form curls. But be aware, the higher the heat more damage to your hair. So you will have the choice of low-medium-high in the curling iron.

3.) Switch on Iron for Preheat

If you want better curls, then switch on the iron for preheating before you will start using it. Switch on the curling iron before 3-4 minutes to get the required heat that easily turns your hair into curls. Always use the curling iron after plugging it in. If you don’t leave the curling iron for preheating, your hair will take more time to form curls. And this also leads to more damage. So Better and quick curls, switch your curling iron for preheating.

4.) Wear Gloves

Use a curling rod with silky smooth cloves. There is no climb in the iron to hold the hair in the place. Put the gloves in your hand and wrap the hair around the curling wand to use a curling iron. Wearing gloves is optional, but prevent burning of the skin.

5.) Take Out Small Section of Hair

You need to take out the small section of hair to get the perfect curls. Just take out a small section of hair as you do before using any other heat tool. Don’t take too much of hair at once. Take out the small strand wider than 1’’ to get the beautiful curls. If you take a wide strand, then your hair will not get the proper heat and also makes your curls saggy. If you want tight curls hairstyle then take out the strand smaller than 1’’ thick.

6.) Wrap Hair on Barrel

You need to hold the end of the strand and wrap it around the barrel starting at the base. Just keep the iron away from the face while making curls. Do not wrap around it from the center of the barrel, always start it from the base. Just keep the iron flat, when you create a loose and relaxed curl. If you want sexy and tight curls, then twist the end of strands and then wrap around the barrel.

7.) Wait for Seconds

A curling iron works rapidly compared to the other curling rod. It required only a few second to form curls. Keep holding the hair rod for 2-5 seconds to get the proper heat. It should not be exceeded more than 10 seconds in total. It is a proper way to use a curling iron.

8.) Cool Your Curls

Switch off the curling iron and cool your curls when you use a curling iron. To get sexier and tight curls, hold the curls in spiral shape after removing the curling iron from hair. If you need casual curls, then there is no need of holding the curls after the wand remove.

9.) Continue Curling Your Hair

Repeat the process by continuing curling your hair. If necessary, you can let down the section of the hair, it will make you easy to curl your all hair. It’s a better way to use a curling iron on your hair.

10.) Finish the Style

In the last step, you don’t have to use a curling iron. When you are done with all your strands, you will be left with tight and spiral curls. Make it more perfect with a hair spray, then break the curls with your finger. You can also get the vintage look with the help of boar-bristle brush.